What is Coordinated Service Planning?

Coordinated Service Planning is part of the Special Needs Strategy, an initiative of the Province of Ontario. Coordinated Service Planning is about linking you to the services your child needs and bringing together the group of professionals who are working with your child to assist them in working collaboratively towards your family’s vision for your child while ensuring your child and family’s needs are met.

You may benefit from coordinated service planning if:

  • You have a child or youth with complex special needs
  • You are waiting for or receiving services from multiple agencies
  • You need support to navigate the system
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What are multiple and/or complex special needs?

Children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs usually require services from multiple sectors and/or professionals and may experience challenges related to multiple areas of their development. They may have or need:

  • Rehabilitation services
  • Autism services
  • Physical, intellectual, emotional, and/or behavioural development support
  • Severe physical and intellectual impairments requiring the use of technology
  • Respite supports
  • Mental Health services

Coordinated Service Planning is a voluntary service that is offered to families who:

  • Have a child/youth who is involved with multiple agencies providing specialized services (e.g., rehabilitation services, autism services, developmental services, and/or respite supports, special education).
  • Have a child/youth who is experiencing ongoing challenges related to their development (e.g., physical, communication, intellectual, emotional, social and/or behavioural, mental health).
  • Have identified that they are struggling with coordinating services for their child/youth, and
  • May be experiencing external barriers which make it difficult to coordinate services for their child/youth.
  • Reside in the districts of Muskoka, Nipissing, or Parry Sound.

Coordinated Service Planning is a family-centred approach focused on making it easier for families with children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs to connect to the right services and support.

Our Coordinated Service Team

Service Planning Coordinators are embedded within each of the Provider Organizations

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