CSP Services

Service Planning Coordinators are embedded in three agencies:

  • One Kids Place Children’s Treatment Centre
  • HANDS Thefamilyhelpnetwork.ca
  • Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions

Each Service Planning Coordinator works with your child/youth and family’s service team.

All Coordinated Service Planning teams are committed to working together with community partners in a seamless way, providing you with a clear point of contact for all the services you are receiving and to create a Coordinated Service Plan that identifies what is important to your family.

A service planning coordinator will work with your child and family to:

  • Identify your child’s strengths and needs.

  • Identify what would really make a difference over the next little while – that is, getting clear about your vision and priorities.

  • Make appropriate referrals if other supports or services are indicated.

  • Set up team meetings that bring together your child’s team of professionals.

  • Develop a coordinated service plan that makes sure everyone is working together.

As a result of Coordinated Service Planning, families and children/youth with multiple and/or complex special needs:

  • Have access to a Single Plan of Care that is responsive to their goals, strengths and needs
  • Know who is accountable for developing and monitoring their child’s Single Plan of Care and have a clear point of contact
  • Can be assured that service providers and educators are working toward a set of common goals driven by the family’s vision, identified in the plan.
  • Know that services will be coordinated using family centred care principles.

For Service Providers, this means:

  • Working toward a common set of service goals identified in the child’s or youth’s Single Plan of Care
  • Taking a more holistic view of children with complex and/or multiple needs
  • Avoiding duplicated services
  • Having a clear process for connecting with other service partners, including autism, health providers, educators, mental health teams and others in the development of the Single Plan of Care
  • Identification of a Single Plan of Care Coordinator, who will coordinate services and act as a single point of contact.